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We are the Global Center for Data Protection. We help company owners sleep well at night.

No, we don't sell sleep aids. Instead, we focus our efforts on designing, and then implementing solutions that guarantee the security of your company data.

Enterprises use cloud computing services in greater and greater numbers. According to Data Alliance, the size of the cloud computing market will exceed 100 billion dollars this year. And while many companies work with a lot of sensitive data, most of it isn't properly secured.

Breach Level Index has recently provided several worrying stats. Over five million data records are stolen each day, and the most common type of breaches are identity theft and financial access!

Let's face it: your system administrator is probably a very talented individual, but even he can't keep up with all these new security threats. So, give the guy a break and work with a team of specialists who focus their efforts on  keeping company data secure.

We have listed four types of services which are provided by GCDP in the menu above. They are by far the most requested services from us. However, if you have a specific need that isn't covered by one of those categories, give us a call and we promise that we'll find a solution that does exactly what you need.
Data Security Facts and Stats
According to a survey conducted by TrackVia, 70% of millennials have brought outside applications into the enterprise, violating their companies' IT policies.

According to Webroot, 59% of millenials share their personal travel plans on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

According to TechBeacon, enterprises receive approximately 17,000 malware alerts each week. Most of them are false, though.

According to a PandaLabs report, 200,000 new malware applications are created and released each day.
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