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Data backup and restore systems have been around for decades. However, several specific features are mandatory in an enterprise environment.

Think large database backups, for example. Most companies build their business around databases which include client and product information. As the company grows, so does the database, making it important to be able to back up a 100TB database as quickly as possible. We work with backup solution providers which offer plugins for SQL and NetApp, allowing your colleagues to export data straight from the applications they're working with.

Our solutions provide support for Linux, Windows, Mac, VMware and Hyper-V; yes, we can back up even virtual servers. We can set up a free trial account for you; this way, you will be able to evaluate the real-life data backup/transfer speed using publicly available data. We work with about 20 service providers, so we can surely find one that fits your requirements and budgets.

Speaking of budgets, we aim for total transparency. You won't have to pay more when you will need to recover your data, for example. All the costs will be included in the monthly budget.

Optionally, we can install award-winning malware detection applications on all the devices; this way, you will be sure that your company isn't backing up infected data. We can also set up local backup systems; they are the perfect solution for highly sensitive, high priority data.

If your company has large amounts of data that are seldom used, data archiving is a necessity. We can help offload that data to the cloud, thus helping your company free up precious server space and making it available for the information that matters most.
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Data Security Facts and Stats
According to a survey conducted by TrackVia, 70% of millennials have brought outside applications into the enterprise, violating their companies' IT policies.

According to Webroot, 59% of millenials share their personal travel plans on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

According to TechBeacon, enterprises receive approximately 17,000 malware alerts each week. Most of them are false, though.

According to a PandaLabs report, 200,000 new malware applications are created and released each day.
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