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We are now living in an era when enterprises find it very convenient to make use of mobile devices and cloud-based services. However, while this approach has proven to be very profitable, it also increases the risks of exposing company data to prying eyes. And when sensitive enterprise data falls into the wrong hands, the company reputation, and thus its profits will suffer for sure.

Things used to be much easier in the past, when company data was always kept secure within the company premises. Back then, you only needed to make sure that the security guards did their jobs. However, now that the company data is traveling over the Internet from one device to the other, having a complex data encryption mechanism in place in mandatory. You simply can not afford to allow enterprise data to be accessible to the villains who are interesting in getting access to it.

Data encryption systems will encode the initial information, making it almost impossible for people who don't have the decryption key to get access to it. Yes, there is always an "almost" in that "almost impossible" phrase. But we are here to minimize the risk of bad things happening to your company data!

We make sure that your data is unreadable even if it falls into the wrong hands. Our software solutions will encrypt entire devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, removable devices, etc.) and thus keep all your emails, documents and files secure.

All of this happens without any downtime; your employees can continue to work, while the data is encrypted in the background. So, be sure to choose GCDP for your data encryption needs today!
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Data Security Facts and Stats
According to a survey conducted by TrackVia, 70% of millennials have brought outside applications into the enterprise, violating their companies' IT policies.

According to Webroot, 59% of millenials share their personal travel plans on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

According to TechBeacon, enterprises receive approximately 17,000 malware alerts each week. Most of them are false, though.

According to a PandaLabs report, 200,000 new malware applications are created and released each day.
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